5piecegoldpinkblue.jpgArt is a family affair.  Artistic talent is not in short supply around here. The heritage on both my blood family line and my marital family tree consists of water color artists, pen & ink artists, charcoal and pastel artists, photographers, ceramic artists, acrylic and oil painters, paper & textile artists, marble sculptors, theatrical performers, and more.

Our online “gallery” is not only a place to showcase or sell our art pieces, but also a place where we will be encouragers of our upcoming generation of artists too.  You will learn more about our family of artists on our Introductions Page.

I am blessed to live in a home surrounded by original art, because of our family’s collective talent.  My heart is to afford this same opportunity to be surrounded by original pieces of art.  Therefore, you will see that the pieces listed for sale will include art pieces that are affordable for any one who loves art.

We are in the process of building our “For Sale” collection page, please check back often for new pieces and gallery showing information.